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Termite damage became a fact for a customer who unto project is rebuilt by a knockdown .

Donna and her husband had lived happily in their home for a number of years they felt the need. After much consideration and number crunching that the choice was made to begin from scratch and undertake a whole redevelopment as opposed to some renovation on their current property.

The home had remained and the furniture for ages in its place. There was no indication or possibly a sign of the harm that has been progressing behind their walls.



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Upon moving a single piece of furniture in preparation fro the demolition procedure the discovery was created. It introduced itself as a set of little holes in the walls and upon further investigation that the discovery sent chills down the home owners spines. Termites was happily eating away the very skeleton of the family home and the frame behind was reduced to a crumbled mess. .

It was having a great sense of relief which they contacted us to say how thankful they were that they'd decided before this discovery to rebuild with Steel frames.

Having a substantial termite risk, Australian homes and properties are in danger of infestation. As termites do their dirty work in our construction structures these infestations may be costly and damaging. Fortunately, with management, therapy, and inspections, termites could be held at bay and your home kept safe.



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CSIRO research says that in high risk areas, 1 in 3 Australian homes are vulnerable to termite infestation. The map below indicates which regions of the nation are susceptible.

In Australia, in which hot and humid conditions are the breeding ground for termites, the regions of risk appear to be especially, and coastal regions of the tropical north.

Studies conducted by many different leading organisations report that not merely are 1 in 3 houses vulnerable to termite attack, but that in fact 1 in 3 houses will probably be infested by termites. These figures speak loud and clear. .

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In Australia, there are over 3 50 species of termites, and nearly 2 dozen of these species could cause harm. The most pernicious of these termites in Australia would be subterranean termites, or the formosan. These reside in the soil from massive nests; their colonies sometimes up number to the millions.

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A virtually hidden beast could cause structural damage. .

Every year, other and subterranean termites cause damage to possessions and homes, approximating involving $ 7 80 million and $1 billion according to reports from Archicentre. When you figure out the rough costs of repairing this damage that is structural, it amounts to several thousand dollars. Extensive termite treatment may become costly if the infestation isn't caught or stopped early . .

With this kind of devastating statistics, it may seem hopeless. But threat of termites does not have to mean certain infestation. There are many important steps that you browse around this site can take to protect your house and to assess potential danger.

Prior to buying a home that is new, dont forget to purchase a pre-purchase inspection. This very important step can ensure your property is well-protected prior buy. If it isnt, your pest control company can install remedies and obstacles to radically lower your risk.



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For property or any home, its wise to invest in annual inspections. An expert fortify existing home remedies, can analyze your home for signs of termite damage, and continue to ensure that your house is safe from such pests.

In between inspections, make sure you are currently taking the correct precautions to lower your risk as much as you can. Keep any timber (such as firewood) covered and dry and as far away from the principal residence structure as possible. Have this treated for termites too, as the existence of any wood is only going to draw the termites in, When you have timber fencing in your yard.

Even though the danger of termites in Australia is good, you dont have to be the victim. Taking the ideal steps toward prevention will keep you from suffering expensive damage, and give you the reassurance you deserve.



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Termite damage costs houses at least a billion dollars each year but they are absolutely vital for ecosystems.

MOST OF OUR concealed housemates are harmless. But when it comes to termites, a few may literally eat us.

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