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Weve heard it both ways; weve had individuals who saved a great deal of money by going the DIY route, but weve also had people who ended up spending additional money from paying twice. .

Everyone has heard the saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. And given how costly termite treatments can be, it applies doubly in this case. Here are a few steps you can take to reduce the potential of getting a termite infestation in the first place, or even a termite re-infestation. .

Maintaining DIY Treatment Techniques: Any of those DIY methods in this article can also be used as a prevention plan. The termite swarming season is in the spring or summer, so be certain you are prepared by then.



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Apparent Their Food Resources: Even though you cannot remove all wood within your house, you should clean up any wood debris or mulch in or around your home. Stack firewood at least 20 feet away from your house; even better if its elevated. If you can, eliminate all of wood to soil contact, particularly in your basement.



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Reduce Moisture Levels: Termites need water to survive also. Leaky faucets, roofs, gutters etc. should all be mended. Better home ventilation also means lower moisture levels; you can also install dehumidifiers. Heavy brush around your house should also be removed as they can create regions of intense moisture necessary to get a colony.

Professional Prevention Plan: Most professional pest control companies will provide some sort of prevention plan, either as a post-treatment option or as a standalone preventive.



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Termites are small insects, measuring anywhere between 4mm to 35mm. Considered one of the greatest destructive pests to wood structures and buildings, termites are a really serious and common problem among all Australian possessions. Termites devour wood and most cellulose containing materials such as paper, cardboard, etc.. You'll most likely find them causing destruction into the wood frame of homes, but termites are also able to enter homes that do not own a wood structure. .

A popular question often asked is how can you remove termites from your house, and the answer is that you can control termites only with the assistance of a professional pest controller. Killing termites is not quite as simple as a DIY termite treatment for any number of reasons. It's simple to make things worse if an inexperienced termite technician attempts at installing a pest control management system in your property.



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Flick's trained termite specialists are licensed to perform effective termite treatments and handle the substances utilized in protecting your home. Our training ensures that your termite problem is nipped from the bud: the termite nest. But how do you know if there are termites in your home

What are the signs of a termite infestation The signs vary depending on the look at this site level of damage caused and their presence in your home. The basic Few signs of a termite infestation include:



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During breeding season, residents might Have the Ability to see a swarm of termites coming from a specific site

You will find brown sand tubes on both side of interior/exterior walls, also known as termite sand leads. Its a tunnel they build to protect themselves from the outside environment. You might also find brown tubes underneath or beside the outside your house since they tunnel their way out of the ground into your residence. .

The wood structure or even furniture of your house is hollow when you knock on it. There can also be an instance of sagging floors where important source the termite has eaten through the wood of your wood floor.



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All of Flick Anticimex branches are PestCert Accredited Businesses, and we are HACCP accredited. We're also active members Homepage of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association, and the National Pest Management Association. In 2016, we joined with Amalgamated Pest Control thus becoming Australia's largest pest control company. We have over 100 years of experience in servicing Australian homes and businesses! So, leave the termite treatment to the professionals, and get in contact Flick Anticimex to get a termite inspection.

White ants eat homes because they mistake them for dead trees or fallen logs. If you were a white ant with acquired instincts built in after eons of seeking and finding wood, you could easily settle for timber wrapped inside masonry and plasterboard if thats the only wood you can find.Survival of the species over milliennia indicates theyve learned the essentials: shelter, food and moisture and how to find them.

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